About Us

Sinan Wren is a thought leadership organisation based in the United Kingdom and Turkey.

The Sinan Wren Foundation gets its name from Mimar Sinan – the great Ottoman Architect who built the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul and Sir Christopher Wren – a distinguished British polymath who built St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Two formidable people who demonstrated great brilliance with monuments that have retained their iconic status till today. One from the East and the other from the West, both having contributed to innovation and inspired hundreds of thousands of people, having strong identities that have benefited humanity as a whole. Since its founding in 2002 in London, United Kingdom, The Foundation has grown from a small group of dedicated individuals to an international network of volunteers.

Sinan Wren‘s vision was further inspired by the events of 2011, in the aftermath of an uprising that came from a desire of people to have human rights, freedom and democracy, underlined by the adoption of universal values such as humanity, equality, social progress and peace.

Our mission is predicated on three spheres of thinking incorporating; innovation, inspiration and identity. Each sphere of learning revolves around its axis enabling the foundation to continuously create and disseminate intellectual and knowledge capital whilst at the same time facilitating the global interaction of building bridges amongst people and communities.

Our foundation was inspired by their quest for democracy. Defined by them as the ability to be governed by people of their own choosing with inclusive constitutions giving them a reinforced identity that would allow for social and economic progress through peaceful coexistence. For decades leaders have excused dictatorships by speaking about the need for exceptionalism in a faustian barter for stability causing distrust between peoples and forcing many to either take matters into their own hands or to be misled into different often extreme positions.

As conflicts have erupted, solutions have been difficult to find and even more challenging to implement. Clashes of civilizations are either being constantly fuelled or imposed by malicious intent or a lack of foresight.

Sinan Wren hopes to contribute to finding innovative and implementable solutions through fostering discussions and providing thought leadership with the aim of promoting a sustainable peace.


Inspiration helps to bring people together for a peaceful global coexistence. Sinan Wren wishes to inspire people into finding lasting peaceful solutions. Inspiration is about working together across boundaries, sometimes breaking embedded and intertwined barriers of tribal, sectarian, nationalist, religious and dogmatic philosophies whilst focusing on inclusive and sustainable solutions for the long term. Inspiration for us is about bringing back positivity into the global sphere, by realising a future of hope and looking at the humanity in all of us as a common denominator to negotiate lasting peace in situations of conflict.


Innovation drives our foundation from how we recruit the best minds to delivering leading edge projects and partnering with people and organisations that focus on constantly raising the bar. The Sinan Wren foundation, its members and volunteers work extremely hard to leverage innovation embedding it within our diverse culture. We believe that a constant innovative mentality can help build a better world by helping to solve problems and be part of sustainable solutions. We are continuously motivated in coming up with new and improved ideas, bringing new thought leadership inspired by universal values delivered in a collaborative environment.


Identity is a unique code that can transcend our place of birth, time, colour, religion and ethnicity. Without it people can feel lost and be negatively influenced. In Sinan Wren we believe that individuals who have been able to create a strong identity are able to create success for themselves and for the societies they live in no matter their ethnic, religious or ideological background. A strong identity is one of the major characteristics of Sinan Wren members and volunteers. We seek to help reinforce and build such strong identities especially in young people to improve the positive and important roles they play in our societies every day.