Thought Leadership

Through Sinan Wren’s “Thought Leadership” work, the Foundation provides new thinking to existing and upcoming challenges by organising events and producing analyses on various policy areas, with a particular focus on global challenges facing young people and future generations.

Our Thought Leadership transcends the traditional Think Tank role, and is immersed in new innovative ways designed to work with people across the globe to find new inspirational solutions.

Sinan Wren Thought Leaders work effectively to provide hope and bring people together to collaborate on finding sustainable solutions to key challenges we are all facing such as conflict, environmental impact, extremism or dealing with IDPs. Our thought leaders show a strong identity and work with people in an enhanced network bringing some of the best minds together to solve problems using both new and traditional frameworks whilst brainstorming new ways of pushing the bar of sustainable innovation ever further.

From bringing people in conflict zones to talk to people who have gone through similar historical experiences to running cross border workshops where people can see real time change in front of their eyes, Sinan Wren aims to turn collaboration on its head. The Foundation seeks to be an innovative platform for the exchange of experiences and strategies that can solve modern day problems using some of the most astute minds available.

The Foundation seeks to cross polinate and draw on the experience and transferrable skills of politicians, business leaders, former military strategists and NGOs to help facilitate the latest thinking in areas such as corporate governance, countering radicalization, furthering efficiency and building bridges between communities.