Executive Education

Sinan Wren’s Executive Training Programmes are designed to transform the lives of participants and be the catalyst at their current inflection point, propelling them from being good to great leaders.

Our Executive Training stream is considered as one of the most unique training programmes in the world. Its uniqueness stems partly from the global nature of the participants along with the leading edge practical case study material drawn from institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, London Business School as well as the extensive global experience of our faculty in business, government, military, consulting and global NGOs. The other part is drawn from pushing our participants to their limits and working with them to test how those limits can be used to progress in a way that uses their energy and abilities they may not have known they could draw on. Our programmes focus on getting you where you want to be professionally in a way that is personally tailored to achieving success.

The track record and results of Sinan Wren’s programmes speak for themselves.

The three levels of programmes start with

  • i1 those that are designed to provide a foundation in their delivery areas
  • i2 are aimed at people who are part way through university level or early in their professional career.
  • i3 level being for mid career professionals with a range of 5-15 years of experience.

Our programmes bring participants right to the very cutting edge of learning immersing them in relevant information and providing actionable skills that can be used both immediately and over the long term. 93% of participants say they immediately apply the skills they learned.

Constant feedback at the beginning, during and after the programme forms the basis of constantly improving our participants and providing a network of peers that they can work with to assess their progress once they complete the programme.