Alumini Testimonials

I have already used the skills I developed in the program multiple times since completing it

Iman Masmoudi
Harvard University, USA

Sinan Wren’s media training program brought together activists and leaders from all over the world to develop crucial skills in media and public relations.

However, it delivered far more than this in terms of personal growth, relationship building, and creating a mindset of interconnected global struggles and the responsibilities that we all bear to play our roles in advancing causes for justice wherever we can.

The skills portion of the program was delivered to an extremely high level of professionalism. We covered in a matter of days what might take weeks and months for other programmes to go through, and it was always coupled with as much practice, exercises, and feedback as possible. The program seeks to intentionally take participants outside of their comfort zone, and push us to the brink of our capabilities, so that we are able to pinpoint areas for growth and develop our skills in as short a time as possible.

As a young Ethiopian and African leader, meeting with people from the east and the west who not only share my values but with whom I spent hours during the day and night looking at finding solutions to real problems, this experience was truly mind blowing.

Listening to world leaders from Ambassadors to Ministers to CEOs of corporations, speak about how they managed to overcome actual problems as well as going through case studies of real life events such as conflicts helped enormously with my understanding of complex situations that I now realize must be analysed through a multipolar lens. Sinan Wren’s programmes stand out for me as a global benchmark for how inspirational and innovative educational initiatives should be carried out.

Sinan Wren’s programmes stand out for me as a global benchmark

Isaac Eshetu
Journalist, Ethiopia

The Methodologies used are exceptional

Ibrahim Kraria
Mercedes-Benz, Germany

I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend both the media and leadership training programmes at sinan wren.

Both programmes have been amazing & incredible in terms of content which is unique and tackles current as well as upcoming issues that we face in our activism, careers & daily lives.

The methodologies used are exceptional as the sessions put you through experiences which enhance your skills and push you forward. In addition, the participants who take part in these programmes are high calibre from all over the world which provides the atmosphere to learn from each other as well as from the course.

Overall my experience has helped me grow on a personal, intellectual & spiritual level.

Having attended leadership programs in 4 European countries, as well as other excellent programs from the Gulf such as the Leaders Training Academy and an executive programme at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, I thought what could be different about Sinan Wren, but I was proved wrong.

The Sinan Wren programmes are a truly inspirational experience that is second to none. The faculty’s real life high end business, government and experience of conflict resolution, coupled with the diversity of people from over 20 countries over an intense 5 day period was a turning point I thought I could never experience. The fusion of very high end learning, the need to collaborate with smart individuals across the globe who share your values and the focus on introspection and self evaluation to get through the course encouraged me to find what Sinan Wren calls “your life’s inflection point”.

It left me more invigorated and passionate in being able to make a difference in the world

Mohamed Hegazy
Social Entrepreneur, Egypt