What we do

The track record and results of Sinan Wren’s programmes speak for themselves.

The Sinan Wren Foundation works in three main streams; Diplomacy, Thought Leadership and Executive Education. Each stream is catalysed by the mission of the Foundation in producing programs, projects and results that incorporate our mission of Innovation, Inspiration and Identity.

Diplomacy includes two areas of competency; individual mentoring and the innovation fountain. The Foundation has several one on one mentoring programs and participants who complete our executive education programs are eligible to apply for the one to one Diplomacy mentoring track. The Innovation Fountain brings experts familiar in diplomacy from around the world to discuss and collaborate in offering real solutions to problems in areas of conflict.

Thought Leadership is central and core to our programs and the Foundation works to providing potential policies in areas that address national and global challenges. From addressing extremism in all its forms as well as the roots and influences that bring young people to become radicalized from short term foreign policies to challenges of radicalization with social media, the Foundation serves to invest new and different action points focused on achieving measurable sustainable solutions. From looking at refugee crises, the impact of global warming on food security and how biotechnology can help eradicate disease working with INGOs; the Foundation serves to help provide new perspectives amongst global communities.

Executive Education programs run by the Foundation are designed to bring people together whilst delivering high end skills in an innovative environment. Our Media and Leadership programs form the back bone of the Foundation syllabus designed to administer leading edge skills and debate in areas where we can ensure a unique perspective delivered at an exceptional level.