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The Balkans i2 Training Programme

This programme is designed specifically to enhance the values of working together in the Balkans region across boundaries, breaking embedded and intertwined barriers of different philosophies whilst focusing on inclusive and sustainable solutions for the long term.

Nelson Mandela Leadership Programme

This programme is for people from backgrounds in the corporate sphere, civil society leaders, civil service members, activists & leaders from social movements; political parties; community building and youth organisations; and those working at both local, national and international levels to affect corporate, political and/or social change. Participants are exposed to leading edge techniques and achieve impact by applying the concepts and frameworks they learn to their own organisations.

Nelson Mandela Leadership Programme Short Overview

The Sinan-Wren executive training arm aims to inspire and empower people from the West and the East to innovate and connect with each other, build bridges, break barriers and work collaboratively in developing, promoting and maintaining democracy with a view to live in a more peaceful and cohesive world.

Sinan Wren Foundation at the United Nations in Geneva – Amal Kassir

The Foundation helped organise a side event at the United Nations in Geneva on March 6th 2019, as part of its International Women’s Day initiative to stop the use of rape, torture and imprisonment of women and children during conflicts.

International Media Training Programme Short Overview

A unique training approach that covers the essential elements of international media advocacy.

International Media Training Programme Participants’ Feedback

A unique training approach that covers the essential elements of international media advocacy.

Public Diplomacy Programme

Sinan Wren develops intensive mentoring programmes to support young leaders to develop them into influential representatives of their organisations, institutions or communities.