A Call For Peace and Reason between Ukraine & Russia

The Foundation calls on Russia to deescalate its operations in Ukraine and offer meaningful terms for the restoration of peace.

Respecting Russia’s regional security concerns will not be served by invading & brutally occupying neighbours with whom Russia shares both history and familial ties. War can spread to other regions and is unpredictable. Neither the Russian people nor history will forgive war mongering. As a world power, Russia needs to show that it is a responsible international player and not one that destabilises global stability and peace.

There will be no winners in this conflict and ending it quickly while safeguarding civilians and minimising civilian casualties must be the top priority over the coming hours and days. We call on countries in the region to help and accommodate civilian refugees and offer every assistance.

The Ukranian and Russian peoples are proud nations and neighbours. Neighbours do not have to inflict zero-sum games to achieve objectives that are better realised through peace and understanding. Moreover, holding territory is not the same as invading it, as global powers have learned time and again.

History does not remain stagnant nor does it forgive aggressors.