Sinan Wren Foundation Condemns Kais Saied’s Coup in Tunisia and Calls for a Return to Democracy

The Sinan Wren Foundation condemns the recent coup by Kais Saied, the Tunisian president, in the strongest terms.

Dictatorships are an affront to human dignity. Mr Saied seeks to re-establish one-man-rule in Tunisia by sending tanks to shutter Parliament, dismissing ministers, removing constitutional protections and running roughshod over the celebrated Tunisian constitution. His coup is worthy of even greater condemnation for taking place in the country that gave hope of an Arab spring.

Now is the time for the International Community to show their commitment to the rule of law and demonstrate their belief in democratic and universal values. If the coup is allowed to embed itself into a full blown dictatorship, it would be a clear case of double standards with regards to the treatment and aspirations of Global South nations. The resultant distrust amongst hundreds of millions of people around the world will be long and lasting. Democracy, with its enshrined freedoms and liberties, is the right of all people. There is no Arab or Muslim exception.

For those of us who advocate for democratic and universal values, this is the time to stand up and demonstrate that noble intentions and fine words are supported by concrete actions.

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