Sinan Wren Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 Goes to Former Foreign Minister of Bosnia Herzegovina, Ambassador Mohammad Sacirbey

Ambassador Muhammad Sacirbey who has devoted his life to peace building and bringing people from across the world together to serve numerous causes of human rights has been awarded the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award.

From global prominence during the Bosnia conflict when he was asked by then President of Bosnia Alija Izetbegovich to take the role of the Bosnian nation’s first United Nations Ambassador to the role of leading Bosnia’’s Foreign Service, Ambassadore Sacirbey has shown true selfless leadership and inspired generations of young people across the world.

His belief in the concept of the Global Citizen has brought him to be a recognised honest broker in helping advise and negotiate conflicts whose outcome is geared to bringing peaceful resolution to any conflict situation.

The son of doctors who fled the former Yugoslavia after imprisonment in Tito’s dictatorship to the United States at a young age, Ambassador Sacirbey was a star football player in college and went on to become a leading Wall Street finance lawyer. On seeing his country of birth fighting for its very survival and undergoing a genoicide he left everything to join the cause becoming Bosnia’s first UN ambassador.

He was the international face of the Bosnian conflict and worked hard successfully to bring su[port and awareness to what was happening. A co-founder of the team that ended up setting up the International Criminal COurt Ambassador Sacirbey has been a strong proponent for bringing war criminals to justice.

The Foundation is honoured to award its biannual Lifetime Achievement Award 2019 to Ambassador Muhammad Sacirbey.