The Foundation calls for an Immediate Ceasefire and Resumption of The Peace Process

Over the last few days we have seen horrific scenes of violence and bloodshed in the Middle East. War and the sort of wanton violence against civilians that has been perpetrated is no solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The war crimes that have been systematically carried out and the images of women and children specifically targeted as a strategy of war is self defeating as well as against international humanitarian law. If responsible geopolitical players do not help to put an immediate stop to this situation there is a very real danger of it triggering a regional and a global escalation.

The Foundation calls on the Israeli government to seriously reconsider its policy of attacking Gaza and to declare an immediate ceasefire. Perpetual violence is no solution to the long term stability and security of any nation or its people. Peacekeepers should be sent to control the borders of the Gaza Strip. Furthermore we call for the immediate opening of humanitarian corridors into Gaza and the entry of trucks that have been waiting for days carrying water, food, medicine, fuel for powering hospitals that have collapsed and other basic human needs.

The late British Jewish MP Gerald Kaufman was prescient when he said “It is time for peace, but real peace. Not the solution by conquest which is the Israeli’s real goal but which is impossible for them to achieve.”