The Foundation Grieves with New Zealand families and nation as it buries Victims of Terrorist attacks

The Sinan Wren Foundation grieves with the families and friends of the victims murdered in the recent senseless killings by a Terrorist whilst praying at their Mosques in New Zealand. It stands with the people of New Zealand who have been an example to the world of how a country should come together when someone seeks to disrupt the social fabric of its society. At the funerals, Imam Gamal Fouda said “Last Friday I stood in this mosque and saw hatred and rage in the eyes of the terrorist,” he said. “Today from the same place I look out and I see the love and compassion in the eyes of thousands of New Zealanders and human beings from around the globe.”

The Foundation commends the outstanding leadership shown by New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda Ahern, throughout these tragic and difficult days which world and community leaders from all backgrounds should seek to learn from as an example of bringing people together and building strong and lasting bridges.