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i2 Leadership Training Programme

Sinan Wren Foundation holds its i2 leadership programme at Oxford University.

Forty young leaders engaged in workshops, critical thinking, challenging discussions and the use of unconventional methodologies over 3 days at Oxford University.

The attendees came with backgrounds in different disciplines and were trained by Coaches from leading Corporate and NGO backgrounds. The i2 programme is an intensive 3 day programme focused on building leadership skills and building resilient teams. The programme also discussed the importance of the social and spiritual aspect of leading, managing and coordinating teams.

Role playing how one can motivate and inspire young and older members of a team to bring forth positive change in corporates, social and community projects resulted in taking some people out of their comfort zones and proved very popular. The event concluded with challenging projects and presentations which pushed the attendees to think outside of the box and bring out their innovative spirits helping them realise their potential as global change makers.

Training Name:

i2 Leadership Training Programme

4th - 5th November 2017

Oxford University / UK

Capacity: 40