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International Media Advocacy Workshop

Sinan Wren Foundation conducts International Media Advocacy Workshop for Harvard and Boston Students at Boston University

The Foundation delivered a media advocacy workshop to university students studying in many of the universities in and around Boston.

Delivered as part of the Boston Muslim Symposium organised by the Harvard University and Boston University student associations, the workshop trained 30 college students in various skills such as media monitoring, messaging, audience engagement, and the effective use of social media tools. Students were also taught about international media mechanisms and experienced the process of interview preparation.

With college campuses increasingly getting more attention in the media, it is important for university students to recognize the need to develop their media skills in order to appropriately advocate for themselves and their student organizations by learning how to conduct media interviews and set up press offices.

As part of the workshop, participants were given real scenarios that reflected issues they face on campus everyday. They had the opportunity to practice their interview skills and were provided with personalised feedback during the sessions.

Training Name:
International Media Advocacy Workshop

11th November 2017

Harvard University / Boston / USA

Capacity: 30