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International Media Training Programme 2021

Sun 8th – Fri 13th August


Sinan Wren is an innovative organisation based in the United Kingdom and Turkey. Our executive training arm aims to inspire and empower people from the West and the East to innovate and connect with each other, to build bridges, break barriers and work collaboratively in developing, promoting and maintaining democracy with a view to live in a more peaceful and cohesive world. We seek to help people on their trajectory of media empowerment by providing a world class learning environment that ensures our alumni leave with an exceptional ethos. The programme seeks to create a real positive change in our participants international media interaction whilst giving them strategic and a high end skills approach to building strong media teams in their own environments.


Sinan Wren has an enviable track record in the delivery of innovative and inspirational media programmes.
The Sinan Wren International Media Training Programme is designed to not just educate and upskill young people from across the world in media strategy but to ensure that on graduating they possess the tools to understand the roles of spokespeople and digital media strategists to be able to effectively advocate the positions of themselves, their organisations and communities.


Sinan Wren executive programs are taught by practitioners with experience of the world’s leading public relations and media organisations as well as recognised thought leaders, skilled educators, ground-breaking researchers, active corporate board members, and award-winning authors.
Our participants practice with experienced trainers, dealing head on with the sorts of things that the media continuously throws at them. They are taken through real scenarios and are upskilled in all areas of TV, Radio, Print and Social Media.

Participants constantly feedback that what they value most from Sinan Wren’s media programmes is the ability to have confidence to be amongst those who can express knowledge of their subject clearly, succinctly with passion and conviction being International TV ready once they walk out of the door.

Core Knowledge

• Communication techniques.
• Media monitoring.
• Media messaging.
• PUSH-PULL of media interviews.
• Spokesperson behaviour & outlook.
• Managing a press office.
• Interview practice.
• Media Influencers.

Lecturers from Previous Years

Some of the Guest Lecturers at the International Media Training Programme include:


Who should attend?

This programme is for people from backgrounds in the corporate sphere, civil service leaders, activists & leaders from social movements; political parties; community building and youth organisations; and those working at both local, national and international levels to affect corporate, political and/or social change. Participants will be taught leading edge techniques in their work and achieve impact by applying the concepts and frameworks they learn to their own organisations.

Previous Participants Feedback

We value the feedback from our participants every year. Click here to see what past participants have to say about the International Media Training Programme.

Process of Application

The admissions team at Sinan Wren selects the best applicants to create a cohort of exceptional Leaders.

The application process consists of two phases:

Phase 1

Submit background information, CV, and 60-second video introduction. You must answer all the questions set in the application form. Only applicants who have successfully passed this phase will be invited to go through to the second phase.

Phase 2

This consists of up to 3 rounds of video interviews. You must pass all rounds of interviews for final selection to the Programme.

Admissions Decision

After completing the Video Interviews, you will receive an admissions decision for the Programme.

NOTE: Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis! The sooner you apply to the Programme, the sooner the team will process your application.

Course Fees


*USD. Covers tuition fee for the training programme, hotel accommodation and boarding, including all meals during the duration of the training programme only. Participants are responsible for organising and paying their own travel costs to and from the venue in Istanbul, Turkey.

$250 Admin Fees*

*USD. Non refundable admin fees of $250 to be paid within 7 days of being offered a place onto the programme.

Financial Aid

Successful candidate applications are not dependent on their ability to finance the tuition costs for the programme. For each programme, Sinan Wren can offer scholarships to candidates, if you are unable to self-fund. Sponsorship, crowdfunding, and other scholarships are potential sources of funding for tuition.

Please note that financial aid does NOT cover the admin fees of $250 nor does it cover any travel costs to and from the venue in Turkey. Admin fees may be waived in certain exceptional circumstances. This will be at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Training Name:
International Media Training Programme 2021

8th-13th August 2021

Istanbul / Turkey

Capacity: 40

Financial Aid:

Application Deadline: