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Nelson Mandela Training Program 2017

Due to the number of applications we are experiencing slow response times. Hence we are extending the deadline to Friday 17th November 2017. Please do not submit any more emails but complete the online application.


The Sinan-Wren executive training arm aims to inspire and empower people from the West and the East to innovate and connect with each other, build bridges, break barriers and work collaboratively in developing, promoting and maintaining democracy with a view to live in a more peaceful and cohesive world. We seek to help people on their trajectory of leadership by providing a world class learning environment that ensures our alumni will leave with an exceptional ethos that seeks to create a real positive change wherever they are and in whatever they do.


Exceptional leaders who are visionaries always have the desire for change and to see the world as it can be, not as it is. They recognize the need to develop themselves and the teams that they lead. However, they are often confronted with obstacles and challenges in their ability to handle organizational, systemic and structural problems. These may be related to people management, finance, organizational development and a host of other unforeseen challenges.

Sinan-Wren Coaches work with our global participants through a comprehensive and very intense 5 day programme that seeks to build leadership through a multi polar approach. By focusing on case studies about leading global corporations, historic and topical world events, showcasing challenges as well as solutions deployed by governments and NGOs whilst honing in on the ability to work in an entrepreneurial international team, our alumni leave with having been part of a unique experience.

The highly integrated, comprehensive, and challenging curriculum focuses on the complex dynamics of building and running an end-to-end business; measuring, analyzing, driving, and communicating performance; and contributing to organisational success on a higher and more strategic level.

Who should attend?

This programme is for people from backgrounds in the corporate sphere, civil service leaders, activists & leaders from social movements; political parties; community building and youth organisations; and those working at both local, national and international levels to affect corporate, political and/or social change. Participants will be taught leading edge techniques in their work and achieve impact by applying the concepts and frameworks they learn to their own organisations.


SW executive programs are taught by business, government and NGO leaders from across the world and create the enduring concepts that bring global best practices and seek to reinvent the way people collaborate and look at the leadership dilemma in their own organisations, countries or internationally.

You will meet and hear from recognised thought leaders, skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, active corporate board members, and award-winning authors. They will empower you to become the visionary leader your career, your organization, and the global economy demand.

Process of Application

Participants will only be enrolled on the course after passing the rigorous criteria established by the coaching team.

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. After reviewing your application we may contact you to set up a Skype interview. There is a 3 stage Skype based interview process which will assess your answers, your background, your abilities, what experiences you bring and what you plan to do with the learning as a SW Alumnus.
  3. Once your application is accepted, you will be notified within 24 hours of your interview.


Sinan-Wren foundation sponsors tuition fees for the training, hotel accommodation and boarding, including all meals during the duration of the training programme only. Participants are responsible for organising and paying their own travel costs to and from the venue in Istanbul, Turkey.

Training Name:
Nelson Mandela Leadership Training Programme 2017

24th-29th Dec 2017

Istanbul / Turkey

Capacity: 25

Application Deadline:
17 November 2017

Event Closed

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