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The Balkans i2 Training Programme


The Sinan-Wren executive training arm aims to inspire and empower people from the West and the East to innovate and connect with each other, build bridges, break barriers and work collaboratively in developing, promoting and maintaining democracy with a view to live in a more peaceful and cohesive world. We seek to help people on their trajectory of leadership by providing a world class learning environment that ensures our alumni will leave with an exceptional ethos that seeks to create a real positive change wherever they are and in whatever they do.


This programme is designed specifically to enhance the values of working together in the Balkans region across boundaries, breaking embedded and intertwined barriers of different philosophies whilst focusing on inclusive and sustainable solutions for the long term.

Our objective is to maintain and enhance positivity in the Balkans region, by realising a future of hope to negotiate lasting peace in situations of leadership vacuums, socio-economic upheaval, conflict, environmental change and challenging job environments for young people. Innovation, Inspiration and Identity are the core values of Sinan Wren Foundation. We believe that a consistent innovative mentality can help build a better world by helping to solve problems and be part of sustainable solutions. Furthermore, Individuals who have been able to develop a strong identity are able to create success for themselves and for the societies they live in regardless of their ethnic, religious or ideological background. We seek to help reinforce and enhance such strong identities especially in the young people of the Balkans to help improve the positive and important roles they play in their local, national and international environments every day.


You will meet and hear from recognised thought leaders and skilled educators. They will empower you to become the visionary leader your career, your organization, and the global economy demand.

Programme Details

This programme is developed to enhance coexistence, tolerance and democracy in the Balkans. It is meant for people of different nationalities and religious backgrounds who share the same environment and who have been living together for centuries in this region. Young people of the Balkans are going to learn from international experts who will be discussing the following topics:

  • Dealing with international media;
  • Advocacy
  • Monitoring and communication
  • Thought leadership.


Participants will be from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Kosovo.

The programme will last for two and half days and will take place at the International University of Sarajevo. Accommodation will be provided within the dorms of the university.

Process of Application

The admissions team at Sinan Wren selects the best applicants to create a cohort of innovators with the potential to change the world.

Submit background information and CV. You must answer all the questions set in the application form. Only applicants who have successfully submitted their applications will have their applications processed.

Admissions Decision

After completing the application process, you will receive an admissions decision for the Programme.

NOTE: Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis! The sooner you apply to the Programme, the sooner the team will process your application.

Financial Aid

Successful candidate applications are not dependent on their ability to finance the tuition costs for the programme. For each programme, Sinan Wren can offer scholarships to candidates, if you are unable to self-fund. Sponsorship, crowdfunding, and other scholarships are potential sources of funding for tuition.

Course Fees


*EUR. Covers tuition fee for the training programme, accommodation and boarding, including all meals during the duration of the training programme only. Participants are responsible for organising and covering their own travel costs to and from the venue in Sarajevo, Bosnia.


The Balkans i2 Training Programme

13th - 15th Sep 2019

Sarajevo / Bosnia

Capacity: 25

Financial Aid:

Application Deadline: