Sinan Wren Foundation Sponsors Open Iftar at Ramadan Tent Project Across The UK

The Foundation is sponsoring Iftars – the break of the Ramadan fast for Muslims and people of all and no faith to share in this joyful occasion across the UK in conjunction with the acclaimed Ramadan Tent Project (RTP). Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar, a month of spiritual reflection, charity and community. Tens of Thousands of people will share free food and conversations in cities across Britain this Ramadan through this innovative project. The project serves to bring people together, share in the celebration of Ramadan and build bridges across communities, all core values of the Sinan Wren Foundation.

The Foundation wishes to congratulate the RTP leadership team and their fantastic volunteers for all their hard work. It is only through their tireless effort that this initiative has seen itself grow across the UK and to other parts of the globe. This year Dalwardin Babu (Sinan Wren Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2017) spoke at the iftar in Tavistock Square London.