The Foundation Hosts Alumni and Their Families at Annual Ramadan Iftars in London and Istanbul

The Foundation hosted our annual Ramadan Iftars in London and Istanbul for alumni and their families in May.

In Istanbul the Iftar was held in a historic Ottoman school built by Gazanfer Aga in 1564 CE, a senior and influential Venetian origin courtier and buried within its compound. The school used to house some of Istanbul’s leading teachers in the sciences, philosophy and religion. It was built in the shadow of the famous Roman aqueduct. The Valens Aqueduct was built in the late 4th century CE, and carried water to Istanbul forming a system stretching more than 160 miles outside Istanbul.

Dr Ismail Jalisi, Chairman of Sinan Wren UK welcomed alumni in North London. “Ramadan is the ultimate time of self sacrifice, charity, spiritual reflection and reaching out to neighbours, friends and colleagues. It is a time to reflect about the situation of humanity and how we can all play a small role in trying to counter hunger, conflict and environmental damage. It is heartwarming to see you all together once more and I’m sure you will enjoy reconnecting with old colleagues and friends”, he said.