Sinan Wren UK delivers thousands of Hot Christmas meals and water to Stranded Truckers in Kent as Part of its Humanitarian Mission

The Foundation today delivered thousands of hot meals and water to stranded truckers in Kent. To help them keep up their Christmas spirits, hundreds of mince pies were also distributed to those who have had to spend Christmas alone away from their families. Over the weekend, the Foundation will continue supplying thousands of meals and food packs including water to those stranded.

Dr Ismail Jalisi, Chairman of Sinan Wren UK said: “it is our duty at this difficult time to do whatever we can to look after our guests from across Europe and make sure they are as comfortable as possible. As British Muslims, we have been honoured to work with our Sikh brothers and Sisters from Khalsa Aid as well as those from the Hare Krishna movement, the British Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Al Khair Foundation, Al-Nagashi Mosque & Centre, Nadi Park Royal and Islamic Relief to help keep the spirits up of the thousands of truckers who have been instrumental in supplying us in Britain and across Europe”.

The Foundation is proud to have worked also with the British Army, Kent Constabulary and Kent Council in making sure that our Christmas mission was well coordinated, and we pay tribute to the very hard work of everyone in these organisations and their extended teams and volunteers. Gifto’s Lahore Karahi in London opened their kitchens to help cook thousands of meals. The coordination provided by Kent Police, which included Police Officers missing their own Christmas dinners with families to help our convoys coordinate the food drops must be recognised. Several Officers continued to work with our teams beyond their designated shifts to ensure completion of the thousands of meal deliveries. The coordination of the Muslim Charities Forum during this response has been instrumental.

The Foundation could not have carried out this initiative without its alumni, volunteers, partners and donors. A big thank you to everyone who has come together to help and bring some joy and happiness during this time. The Foundation wishes people a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Peaceful New Year.